Underhållning Stockholm – Trolleri

In my opinion that because only a deck of card is simple to discover a lot of people enjoy to perform magic tricks, particularly magic card magic trick. But the issue that a lot of people find is they do not understand where to begin.

For some amazing card tricks you can check out trollkarl stockholm, close up magic at its best!

Some are trying to find information regarding card magic disclosed, but end up with locating just the hard magic tricks which need some improvement techniques. That’s one of the issues of the beginner.

The self-working magic trick is the magic trick that you do not need to do anything crafty, but you might want a small groundwork of your deck. Afterward, you simply perform the measures and your audiences will amaze.


Below is a card magic showed off the self-working magic trick, called “Rapid Prediction”

Forecasting the future is constantly fascinating. It is possible to present with this magic trick if you discover someone shows interest in this kind of experiment.

First, simply try to find a piece of paper and write your forecast : “you may choose the Seven stack.”

After that, you instantly find the four Sevens and pick up your deck, putting them in addition to the deck.

Deal one on top of another one in a little heap, the four Sevens. Subsequently, deal the following seven cards onto another stack.


Magic card......


You then say to your own viewer: “I am going to request that you place your hand on either stack. Whichever stack you select will be. So, pick carefully.”

Whichever stack he selects, the prediction will remain right.

Why? Here is the reply. But if he picked the other stack, you simply imply that he count the cards because stack, which is seven cards (also right as your written forecast.)

Trolleri på högsta nivå!

Underhållning på din fest eller event är ett måste om du vill bjuda dina gäster på en oförglömglig kväll!

Jag har varit med om många fester där det INTE bjuds på underhållning och kvällen går långsamt, trots att man har mycket bra sällskap.

Close up magi är en av de mest uppskattade former av underhållning, och jag var med på en trollkarl från Göteborg som visade oss fantastisk magi! Klicka här om du vill ta reda på mer.




Tvivla inte på att hyra in en trollkarl till din nästa fest!

Vi var ca 100 pers och nästan alla fick uppleva trolleri. Maten var också en succé! Supergott verkligen, då borde ni hyra in en cateringfirma som löser allt. Plus diskare och plockare så att ni slipper tänka på sånt och bara tänker på att ha kul!



Allt kommer samman för en oförglömglig kväll!


Det var allt för idag, ha det bäst!